Adult Counselling Service

Available face to face, online & by phone

Life is a journey.  Through it's different stages we can all feel stuck lost or confused


Counselling can facilitate change in many ways.  It's overall aim,  reducing emotional distress and developing healthy coping mechanisms to help you live a more fulfilling future.  Together, we will explore your present thoughts, feelings and behaviours as well as your past experiences.  These combined, impact how you relate to others and situations in the present


Counselling empowers you to take control by promoting self-reflection.  Creating a safe, non-judgemental and confidential therapeutic holding space provides you with the opportunity to gain a deeper insight and understanding of yourself and the difficulties you are facing

Counselling focusses on moving past blocks which prevent you from living your life as you wish

Difficulties counselling can help with?

The most common difficulties I work with


Bereavement / Loss

Sexual/ Physical / Emotional abuse


Anxiety / Panic attacks


Eating disorders


Childhood difficulties


Deliberate self-harm

Suicidal feelings





Sexual difficulties

I also have experience working with

Hearing voices

Why counselling?

The people closest to us can find it hard to be impartial and want to rescue us from our discomfort, often providing us with what we ‘should’ or ‘ought’ to do.  This is the main way in which counselling is different.  We will work collaboratively to facilitate the exploration of the difficulties you are facing.  You will be in control of your journey and we will work at your pace.  I will work through your emotions with you, allowing you the space to feel and process them.  You will not be judged.  My role is to help you expand your awareness and better understand yourself, enabling you to find the best path through your current difficulties

Sessions are £40