Relationship Counselling Service

Available face to face & online

Relationship counselling is between two people.  This is most often a sexual partnership, however can be a parent and child.

I have worked with heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples

Relationship difficulties can often occur around times of transitions, for example, the birth of a child or children leaving home.  During these periods, relationships are re-negotiated and new 'norms' formed.  This can lead to feelings of discomfort, frustration, loss, separatness and confusion as previous 'roles' change

As a couple, I believe your individuality and your partnership are equally important.  We all have different 'norms', experiences, perceptions and templates for relationships and I have often found that unspoken mismatches in expectations can lead to dissatisfaction in relationships.  As a couples counsellor, my roles is to explore the difficulties you are facing, your expectation and templates for relationships, bringing awareness and understanding to you both.  Once this is established and understood, often the root of the difficulties you are facing become apparent.  We can then work on how, together, you move forwards

Common reasons couples attend therapy

Communication difficulties




Loss of direction


Common transitions that can highlight difficutlies

Birth of a child

Children starting school

Children leaving home




Sessions are £50