What to expect

Experienced. Qualified. Supportive.

Your first session is an opportunity to explain your current situation and the difficulties / concerns you are facing.  We will explore your expectations and goals of therapy as well as any fears you may have.  I will also take a short personal history. 


Counselling is set at your own pace and we will work with the material you bring.  You can use this time to ask any questions you may have or feel free to call or email me prior to your first session. 


At the end of the first session you will be given the opportunity to engage regularly in therapy or to take some time to reflect upon your first session and contact me if you decide counselling is something you wish to continue with. 

Please do not be put off if you are not certain of your goals for attending as these often become apparent and can change during therapy.  We will regularly discuss your journey to check that you are still gaining what you require from counselling.