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About Me

Counsellor, Supervisor, Tutor & Author

I am passionate about counselling and supporting others to make steps towards the life they want to live. Sometimes that can be a complete change, or it's a change in mindset and ridding of cycles & patterns which you've been living by, for potentially years. Over a decade ago, I was making a similar search, for the counsellor who I was going to work with whilst I was completing the final year of counsellor training. This is something I keep in the forefront of my mind. The difficulty in finding someone I thought would be right for me. The anxiety of making that initial call. 

I am committed to providing a safe and supportive environment to help individuals, children, young people and couples not only overcome challenges but also to grow and understand yourself and the way your mind works better. I believe that everyone deserves to be heard, understood, and empowered to live their best life. Sadly, many of us do not grow up in an environment that provides the conditions necessary to facilitate this. Within counselling, I strive to provide this in each and every session. 

Something I say to my counselling students, is the importance of leaning in each session. From understanding an aspect of yourself you hadn't previously been aware of, or maybe you had, but were unable to understand, to lightbulb moments. These moments in therapy can change your life. 



I work with Adults, Children, Young People and Couples.  I also specialise in addictions, eating disorders and disordered eating.   I've worked in a variety of environments, including residential and community drug and alcohol rehabilitation services, charities, private practice, schools and employee assistance programs.  Therapeutically, I have worked to both a time limited solution focussed (6 session) model as well as open ended models where the root cause of difficulties experienced are explored, processed and worked to resolution 

My broad ranging work in the field of mental health confirms that our difficulties impact us in very individual ways.  Whether it's because we're lacking confidence and feeling isolated, we're managing unpleasant, unwanted thoughts and feelings or have complex multi-faceted difficulties.  I will treat you as the unique individual that you are, and work with you in a way that suits you, in order to help you overcome whatever brings you to counselling

I am an Affiliate Member of National Centre for Eating Disorders



I am an experienced integrative counsellor with extensive knowledge of Psychodynamic, Person Centred and CBT theory and skills. I also draw on creative techniques, systemic practice and transactional analysis. I provide either one to one or group supervision for counsellors working with adults, children & young people. 

Supervision is a supportive environment where all aspects of your clinical work can be explored without fear or judgement. Whether you want to look at the relationships you hold, practical aspects of your work, or your feeling stuck, we can work through this together. 

Smiling Teacher


I am the Head of Psychological Services and Lead Tutor for a busy mental health charity.


Due to my passion for counselling, teaching counselling, felt like a natural progression in my career and affords me the privilege of being able to pass on my experience and expertise, shaping the next generation of counsellors. Since teaching, I have gone on to write accredited counselling courses from level 2 to level 6. 

Managing a busy mental health charity who specialise in counselling children and young people, brough to my attention the lack of child trained therapists in the counselling world. This led to me writing, gaining accreditation for, and teaching a specialist Level 6 Diploma Counselling Children & Young People. My overall aim, to ensure that only adequately and professional trained counsellors work with under 18s. 

I also create training resources to develop and expand counsellor's skills. 



My passion for supporting others didn't end there..........

I set myself a mission to write a series of therapeutic books supporting children through difficult life events and transitions. In Autumn 2024 the first of these books with be available. 

'Communicating with children about big emotions can be difficult. A child’s developing brain is imaginative, creative and beautiful. Their communication is through play and metaphor rather than the verbal language of adults.'

The Magical Maisie collection explores life events, such as bereavement, friendship difficulties, overthinking, difference and trauma through stories where Magical Maisie has special powers - 'Maisie seems to be able to read minds. She somehow knows how Lilly and Stephen are feeling and is always there when they need her.' 'Maisie’s big ears help her to listen in a very special way. Her nose lets her sniff out what Lilly and Stephen really feel.'

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