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'Communicating with children about big emotions can be difficult. A child’s developing brain is imaginative, creative and beautiful. Their communication is through play and metaphor rather than the verbal language of adults.'

The Magical Maisie collection explores life events, such as bereavement, friendship difficulties, overthinking, difference and trauma through stories where Magical Maisie has special powers - 'Maisie seems to be able to read minds. She somehow knows how Lilly and Stephen are feeling and is always there when they need her.' 'Maisie’s big ears help her to listen in a very special way. Her nose lets her sniff out what Lilly and Stephen really feel.'


Each book has a workbook available which is designed to help you commute with children about how they are feeling and their experience of bereavement, loss and grief through the characters of the book. It contains tasks to expand current coping mechanisms, discuss emotions and undertake practical tasks to help a child in their grieving process

Higgledy Piggledy Hearts - Bereavement Book

Expected to ship September 2024
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